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Why Do I Need An Agency?

In modeling and acting, clients prefer to deal with an agency, not only due to legalities, but also because an agency gurantees to the client that the models & talents will be punctual, reliable, and prepared prior to any potential audition/booking.

Should I bring anything with me for my interview?

YES, a positive attitude! If you are a professional, bring your portfolio, resume, headshots and composite cards.

If you are a beginner bring two recent snapshots. One picture should be a headshot and the other a body shot that shows us what shape you are in. These can be simple photographs taken by a friend- nothing professional. Please keep in mind these photos might NOT be returned. Also you might be asked to show your identification.
What Should I wear to the interview?

Dress to impress. Remember it is an interview you only get one chance to make a first impression.

What exactly does Seven Model & Talent Management do?

Seven Model & Talent Management is a “management agency”. WE REPRESENT YOU. If you are an amateur, we may manage you. Please realize that we MUST be honest with you. We cannot possibly work with everyone that we see. If you need better marketing tools, we provide that best in this business.

How Do I Know I Have Found A Good Agent?

The bottom line is personal attention. You must develop a good relationship with your agent. Most importantly mutual trust between both parties is essential and knowing that you can work as a team. Once you have found these traits, you’ve found your agent!

Do I need to spend lots of money to be a model in Canada?

Models are self employed and work as independent contractors. You are starting your own business, therefore like any business you must invest for your business to succeed.
How do I send in pictures? Does each picture get reviewed?

Please email your pictures to newfaces@sevenmodels.ca or mail them to our office address.


229 Younge Street, Suite 400, Toronto, ON M5B 1N9.
What if I have NO experience?

Don’t worry- we regularly interview industry professionals as well as novices. If SMTM Inc. determines that you have what it takes to work with us, we will assist you with your basic presentation skills and the organization of your portfolio, composite cards, acting headshots and resume. If you already have them, even better, we can start bookings immediately.

How long will it take before I am making money?

Days, Weeks, Months? There are no guarantees at all – getting signed by an agency is only half the battle. Once you are signed – it can often take a while for an agency to start aggressively promoting you. You need to stay in touch with them – call them at least once every two weeks – just to check in and remind them that you are anxious for work.

How soon can I expect to get work? Or how come I’m not getting any work?

Have you ever watched biographies on your favorite TV and movie stars or seen them talk shows or award shows? Do you think these people became stars overnight? Most of your favorite celebrities worked hard and for almost no money for many years before getting that big break.


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