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About us


Through the experiences from this prolific history, SEVEN now embodies the next era of talent management. SEVEN commits to helping talents reach their full potential through encompassing service that is based on foresight.

In keeping the agency small and select, SEVEN Models ensures that proper care and attention is given to every model that is brought on to the SEVEN board. Dedicated to finding, developing and guiding a new wave of multi-talented personalities to their maximum potential in the fashion and entertainment industry, SEVEN is dedicated to merging creativity with effective and lucrative business management.

SEVEN is an agile and innovative company driven to update the classic idea of model management to find maximum relevance in a post-digital market. We consider each represented individual with thorough regard, understanding purposes and needs within a unique journey – a journey in which we cultivate long term careers through positive, significant exposure and collaborations.

Some of the clients our agents and bookers have worked with in the past.

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